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Why the International Liberty Horse Association is right for you

By Apr 17, 2019Jan 10th, 2020No Comments

At first glance, an organization created by Dan James may appear to be only for the best of the best. The professional trainer, the seasoned performer, the experienced clinician. But the International Liberty Horse Association (ILHA) is SO MUCH MORE !




The primary purpose behind creating the ILHA was to unite Liberty enthusiasts of all ages, levels, and abilities. Not everyone who loves horses can ride. Not everyone who can ride always wants to. Not everyone who loves training is a trainer. And not everyone who loves Liberty is a seasoned professional with endless outlets and opportunities to showcase their horses. That’s where ILHA comes in.




ILHA is for the Liberty Enthusiast. The person with an interest in Liberty training, who attends Liberty clinics, who is interested in the hows and whys, who watches Liberty DVDs and loves to learn the methods behind the magic. The Liberty Enthusiast is the person who likes to play with Liberty on their own horse and also enjoys watching the work others have put into theirs. Some Liberty Enthusiasts merely dabble in Liberty training, others are commit to it full on, and still others are happy simply watching it from afar. Some Liberty Enthusiasts enjoy working Liberty into their existing horsemanship program and for some it becomes their program. Whatever kind of Liberty Enthusiast you are, ILHA is a place for you to unite with others who share your passion, learn more about Liberty training through the ILHA Membership Journal For the Love of Liberty, and even show your own Liberty horse in the various ILHA shows and competitions.




ILHA is for the Goal Setter. The person who has big goals when it comes to Liberty – whether to start their own Liberty act, integrate Liberty into a makeover competition, build their own Liberty training business, grow their following, or take their Liberty training to the next level. Whatever your Liberty goals may be, ILHA offers a place for you to showcase your skills, gain recognition, put your horses to the test, and connect with others who share your interest in Liberty from around the world.




ILHA is for the Professional. The person with more ideas of what to do with Liberty than time to do them, the person who loves to share their Liberty knowledge with others – whether through teaching, coaching, or training. The Professional is the person who inspires others of what is possible with Liberty, who mesmerizes crowds, who leaves people wondering, ‘how did they DO that!?’ and has fans always wanting more. The Professionals are the people the Liberty Enthusiasts and Goal Setters look up to, the ones they are eager to learn from, and the ones they even aspire to be. No matter what level of Professional you are, the ILHA is the place to celebrate your accomplishments, recognize your talents, showcase your skills, and connect you with others eager to learn from you who share your Liberty passion.


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