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How to Participate

Online Competitions

The International Liberty Horse Association (ILHA) is dedicated to promoting the discipline of Liberty training and celebrating Liberty horses, trainers, and competitors everywhere.

How to participate in an ILHA On-line Competition

✓ Select the on-line show you would like to participate in (Click HERE to see the calendar of upcoming shows)
✓ Identify the class(es) you would like to show in
✓ Video you and your horse(s) completing the pattern for your class during the
designated time frame
✓ Upload your video on-line to YouTube or Vimeo
Register for the show and enter the class by submitting your video link during the designated time frame
✓ Receive the show results, your placing, and prizes after the class has closed
✓ Ribbons will be awarded for 1 st , 2 nd , and 3 rd place
✓ Points will be awarded to all participants