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The International Liberty Horse Association (ILHA) is dedicated to promoting the discipline of Liberty training and celebrating Liberty horses, trainers, and competitors everywhere.


What angle do I video the pattern from?

– Patterns must be videoed from the center line in the judges position as denoted on the pattern with cones clearly marking the center line on both sides of the arena. Please see the ILHA online competition setup video HERE.

Can I have a caller to call the pattern?

Yes, you may use a caller.

Can I complete my pattern in a paddock or field?

– Yes, as long as the cones are set up according to ILHA standards.. In the interest of uniformity, all patterns must be videoed in an arena that is a minimum of 20m x 40m.

When does the judging start?

– Judging starts from the first maneuver of the pattern.

What should I wear?

– ILHA requires all competitors to wear a collared shirt, pants, and equine safe footwear. Beyond those requirements, the specific style of attire is entirely up to each competitor.

How much does it cost?

– The registration fee to participate in an ILHA on-line competition is $20.00 per class, $30 for freestyle. This and the one time administration fee of $12.00 per show are the only cost to enter and compete.

Do I have to be an ILHA member to participate?

Yes. All ILHA shows are only open to ILHA members.

What classes will be included?

All ILHA classes are available for on-line competitions. The specific classes included will vary by show. Click HERE to find the showbill for the next on-line competition.

Where can find I find the class patterns and pattern schedule?

The pattern schedule for each online show can be found at the top of the Classes page. All ILHA class patterns can be viewed in drawn or word format by scrolling through each level (Novice, Intermediate, Distinguished, Advanced). You can also find a video format on our YouTube Channel.

How do I enter?

– Register for on-line competition through our competitor platform by logging in to your account and selecting the show from the list of events.

How do I submit my video?

– You must upload your video to an on-line video hosting platform and submit the link with your show entry form during the allotted class time.

Who are the judges?

– All classes will be judged by current, carded ILHA judges who have met the judging requirements and thoroughly understand the ILHA judging criteria and system.

Can horse(s) wear bandages/boots?

– Yes.

Will I be able to view other competitor’s tests?

– At this time we do not have the hosting capability to share all competitor’s videos.