Online Competitions

The International Liberty Horse Association (ILHA) is dedicated to promoting the discipline of Liberty training and celebrating Liberty horses, trainers, and competitors everywhere.

ILHA On-line Competitions are an opportunity for ILHA members to compete on a more frequent basis, showcase their horse(s) and gain professional feedback – all from the arena, paddock, or field of their choice. All on-line classes are judged by one or more official ILHA judges depending on the class size and all horses that participate in any on-line competition will receive points that can be tracked for end of the year placings and awards.

It’s Easy!

All you need to compete is:

✓ A horse(s)
✓ An arena, paddock or field to complete the pattern
✓ 6 cones set up to ILHA specifications (see video here)
✓ An I-phone, Ipad, video camera, or some type of recording device
✓ Access to the internet to upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, or another
video hosting platform of your choosing
✓ An active ILHA Membership (ILHA shows are only open to ILHA members)
✓ A one-time $4.99 registration fee per show and $20 per class to enter

Benefits to competing on-line:

✓ Ability to show your horse from where ever you are
✓ Compete on your own time
✓ Only pay if you have a successful video of your pattern to enter
✓ Submit your horse’s best performance
✓ Save money!

✓ No traveling costs
✓ No stabling
✓ No accommodations
✓ No extra show fees
✓ No insurance fees
✓ No expensive show attire

✓ More opportunities to have fun with your Liberty horse(s)
✓ More opportunities to earn points with your Liberty horse(s)
✓ Opportunity to receive professional feedback on your horse(s)
✓ Earn recognition, prizes, placings, points, and awards without having to travel
✓ Opportunity to enter shows of your preferred size (private, regional,
✓ Opportunity to show with other ILHA members world wide